Releasing the Artist

Ali Young

Location: Bristol
Venue: St Mattius, Steiner Academy, Fishponds
Cost: £21- £32

Dates & Times: Saturday 28 Apr 2018 to 28 Apr 2018  13:15 - 16:45

Tune into the whisperings of your inner artist.

We live in a strange polarized, binary world, in which states of being are often defined as opposites.  We’re either, extrovert or introvert, gay or straight, and in the case of this month’s exploration, artist or non-artist.  I grew up being told that I was neither dancer nor artist, only discovering through a strange twist of fate, just how much creativity bubbled within. I always loved Gabrielle Roth’s notion that life is art and that any struggle we have can be poured into what she used to call “survival art”. And indeed, I tend to live my life like this, by stirring my suffering into the cauldron of my art.


  On a wider level, we are ALWAYS creating and co-creating with life, which is continually responding to our innermost affirmations about ourselves and others.  Given that, doesn’t it make sense to create dreams that please us. To dance dances that bring us joy, to paint futures that serve ourselves and the web of life.


  Most recently I have been exploring the work of Suzi Gablik who talks about the need for us to begin to explore art beyond the modernist parameters of the isolated genius in the attic, but rather to employ art as a way to build connections with each other and the world around us - to relate to it as a social endeavor.  Years ago whilst travelling in Morocco I gifted a young man I met in the desert with some paper and a set of water color paints. As he sat down to paint in a shared area in the guest-house we were staying in I was given an incredible mirror of my Western conditioned state. His friends simply took license to paint with him on the same piece of paper, as though it was the most natural thing in the world. For them it was, simply to share in both the gift and the creation. I watched, slightly horrified. All these years later I see this event from a completely different perspective.


  So, as well as dancing today and listening out for the whisperings of where your inner artist wants to take you next, we will also be spending some time in creating a piece of communal art together.  They say a problem shared is a problem halved.  And none of us really dreams in isolation, so let’s see what happens when we move beyond isolation and begin to create as a way of connecting.  Join us, as Spring rises and Release your Artist. For all our relations! Blessings, Ali