As Above, So Below - Roots, Shoots and Fruits

Ali Young

Location: Bristol
Venue: Steiner Academy, Fishponds, Bristol
Cost: £21-32

Dates & Times: Saturday 25 Nov 2017 to 25 Nov 2017  13:15 - 16:45

Dancing with the tree of life

Many shamanic traditions place the Tree of Life at the centre of their cosmology.  This tree comprises roots, trunk and branches.  As well as corresponding to the lower world (unconscious), the middle world (everyday realities) and the upper world (dreaming space), these three aspects can also be seen to correspond to our physical roots and grounding or legs; our trunk or torso, including our heart and our branches and upper body including our arms and head. Today’s session will work with the physicality of this vertical axis, as a way to explore our own root system or unconscious and the ways in which our dreaming is showing up in what we are manifesting around us everyday reality.  As ever, we’ll be exploring all of this on the dance floor accompanied by lots of great tunes and delightful companions.  Last session in Bristol for 2017