Yin, Yang, Union and Balance

Ali Young

Location: Bristol
Venue: Steiner Academy, Fishponds, Bristol
Cost: £21-32

Dates & Times: Saturday 30 Sep 2017 to 30 Sep 2017  13:15 - 16:45

Dancing with the energies of yin and yang.

From classic romantic fiction to popular culture we are bombarded with the notion that somewhere out there -heterosexual, gay or bi - a Mr and Mrs Right is waiting to awaken us with a kiss.  Once we find them of course, most of us have a serious lack of skills for healthy relationship and we all know what happens from there in contemporary culture.  Beltane celebrates the divine union of masculine and feminine and of the fertility that this merger brings, while alchemists have long referred to the mystery of The Sacred Marriage.  This dance workshop will shine the light of Moving Medicine as a way to explore those inner qualities we refer to as feminine and masculine, or what the Chinese refer to as yin and yang.  Plumbing our inner depths we discover the capacity to receive self, which, if we give it our attention, then sprouts into the ability to receive others in ways that can begin to free them of our projected and often ridiculous fantasies, whether they are partners, relatives or friends.  Listening deeply from a place of being rooted in self, we begin to hear the drum beat of our own heart in a way that allows us to take action in healthy rooted ways rather than as any kind of search to fill the inner emptiness.  Life becomes abundantly fertile. This is the real romance.  It begins at home.  I like to take such journeys accompanied by great tunes.   J