Beyond Muscle and Bone

Ya'Acov Darling Khan

Location: Paris
Venue: TBC
Cost: €215 weekend only

Dates & Times: 05 Apr 2019 to 07 Apr 2019  19:00 - 17:00

n shamanic tradition, death is the ultimate teacher. Death offers a perspective that helps us to reflect and to see ourselves clearly. We can invite this benevolent form of death to be an ally for us while we are living and create a good relationship with it along the way.

During this weekend workshop, we invite the great force that is death to be a loving guide and teacher for us.

  • What needs to die within us to let this relationship in?
  • What needs to die inside us to know ourselves as more than muscle and bone?

We will prepare together and give space to becoming conscious of where we are with death. We will then dance deeply through our stories about death before taking what we find into ritual. We will clear away old assumptions about death so that we can begin a new chapter in which death becomes our companion and guide.

Fr 18h: talk / 19h: book signing 19h30pm-22h : dance
Sat.: 10h30-17h30 • Sun.: 10h00-16h30

Friday: 31€
Saturday&Sunday: 215€ before the 3d March, 245€ thereafter


+ 33 615 325 816