Raw Voicework one to one coaching sessions

Yasia Leiserach

Location: Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin
Venue: Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin
Cost: €65.00 per hour

Dates & Times: Monday 09 Jan 2017 to 11 Dec 2017  10:00 - 16:00

Tailor made one to one sessions to support you to reclaim and empower your voice - the instinctive and intuitive voice as well as the literal. These session can support ou in any area of life, to let go, to gireve, to heal and to stand powerfully in your own Truth.

Yasia offers

  • A safe, non-judgemental and celebratory space to express through sound
  • Opportunity to discover and explore your own voice, both the intuitive inner voice and the literal sound of your own resonance
  • A place to voice your deepest and most powerful wish for your life.
  • Specific coaching tools and support for allowing those deep heart intentions to become manifest realities in the material world.