Liberate Your Voice, Raw Voicework, Movement Medicine and Mantra

Yasia Leiserach

Location: Hamburg
Venue: Kyodo -
Cost: 220.00

Dates & Times: 20 Jan 2019 to 19 May 2019  10:00 - 17:00

Liberate your Voice with Raw Voicework, Movement Medicine and Mantra. Reclaiming your voice and deepening your relationship to it, is a powerful way to remember yourself, who you are, your Essence. This weekend provides the tools to begin/ support that ongoing journey.

Raw Voice work is a way of opening and unlocking the power of your voice. It is a non-judgmental approach to the voice and not about ‘singing in tune’ or making a ‘nice sound’ although nice sounds do occur! Its more about receiving and welcoming your true authentic voice, letting go of the shame, fear and judgement that can often hold us back in fuller expression of Self on all levels. Movement Medicine is a movement practice, and  a synthesis of shamanic, therapeutic and devotional pathways. Movement Medicine provides a contemporary map to support, deepen and enrich your dance both on the dance floor and through life. We will be working with Raw Voice work exercises and Movement Medicine. We will explore and celebrate the Power of the Heart through voice and dance. Move and sound your passion, your love for Life, bless your life with your voice and movement and find the fullest expression of yourself. Some movement and voice will be accompanied by digital music, other parts of the course will be raw sound chant and movement, acoustic style, we will be the music makers! All of the above will be done within the context of simple movement medicine and raw voice techniques that will be introduced over the weekend. Biography: Yasha Leiserach is a dance and voice movement facilitator, with a life long love of dance, voicework and kirtan (devotional call and response chanting). This work is to empower your voice and movement, supporting the fullest expression of yourself, through raw voice work and dance. She leads voice movement workshops and chanting evenings, in the Uk, Ireland and Thailand. She is also a teacher and facilitator at The School of Movement Medicine.