Re-Source Life Lab

Susannah Darling Khan

Location: Berlin
Venue: TBC

Dates & Times: 21 Sep 2018 to 23 Sep 2018  19:30 - 17:00

“Re-Source” is designed as a space to learn how to bring more presence, depth communication and meaning to your life. Re-Source Your Life is a safe and exciting space in which you are invited to explore new possibilities supported by the ‘joy stream’ of free movement. You will take home a package of tools and mini-practices, which, with practice, will make a real difference in your life. Our focus will be on embodied learning and reflection, working with your body-heart-mind holistic intelligence. You will learn and practice new skills through movement, with time to integrate what you are learning so that you can take it home and use it. You will be supported to:

  • Develop more personal presence
  • Free up your life energy
  • Hone your sense of purpose and meaning
  • Learn the power of gratitude and generosity
  • Learn in-depth listening skills and develop your empathy
  • Learn how to change your state when you are caught in a negative spiral
  • Take home a 5-Point practical tool kit with which to practice and consolidate what you have learnt

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