Apprenticeship Expansion: Community Gathering (mod.3)

Susannah Darling Khan

Location: Devon
Venue: Rill Estate

Dates & Times: 25 Jun 2018 to 05 Jul 2018  17:00 - 13:00

In the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme, our intention is to provide such an environment to enable you to reach your full potential. In the context of this, you will be supported to find a healthy balance between accepting and being who you are, and continuing your evolution towards becoming all that you can be, making your contribution to the world and realising your dreams. This happens through a deep immersion in Movement Medicine practice and the support of a strong staff team and circle of peers. Ultimately, the Apprenticeship Programme is a journey towards deepening your own medicine, creativity and offering in the world. Your expanding self-knowledge and healing are part of this.