Apprenticeship Elective: Kindness in the Mirror

Susannah Darling Khan

Location: Devon
Venue: Rill Estate

Dates & Times: 02 Apr 2019 to 07 Apr 2019  17:00 - 13:00

This elective gives you practice in learning how to see yourself with love and truth through skilled use of video feedback as a tool for self-knowledge and growth. Through the practice, we develop our awareness of the Wise Elder archetype within us and have a chance to get real with the super ego. Kindness in the Mirror is a development of the video feedback work Susannah did with her ongoing groups for 20 years. This is high intensity transformative work which Susannah holds with her unique combination of directness, gentleness, humour and respect.

This retreat is one of the electives for the Apprenticeship and is only open to current Apprentices and those who have completed the Apprenticeship Programme.