Movement Medicine Evening

Maria Edit Antal

Location: Reykjavík
Venue: Yogavin, Grensásvegur 16, 105 Reykjavík
Cost: 4000 ISK

Dates & Times: 24 Nov 2017 to 24 Nov 2017  19:00 - 21:30

This evening will be a real taste of your Movement Medicine.
If moving your body freely is good for you and if you wish to nourish your spirit, moving with a healing mix of music, wonderful company and loving guidance, then this will be a real treat for you with many levels of deepening experience of being alive.

Warmly Welcome to 

Yogavin, Grensásvegi 16 (back of the building)
19:00 -21:30
Friday 24th of November
Please bring with you a waterbottle, comfortable clothes, 4000 kr cash.

Reduced price: 3000 kr. to 23 November, contact: | 6624799