Transformation - Fire and the Beat of the Heart

Maria Edit Antal

Location: Reykjavík
Venue: Skátafélagið Landnemar, Háuhlíð 9
Cost: 26.000 -36.000 ISK

Dates & Times: 16 Dec 2017 to 17 Dec 2017  10:30 - 18:30

Lets find healthy relationship with the Fire living inside us, to let it through, transforming hurtful behavior into empowerment.

This workshop is supporting change in your life, with free movement of your body, through the element Fire.

Moving our being into togetherness is a revolutionary experience in these times of change. We encourage each other to step into new possible ways of relating to ourselves and to each other through the power of the dance. 

Through this practice, your mind is landing deeper into your body & heart. You open to your multidimensional infinity. 

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