Maria Edit Antal

Location: Reykjavík, Grótta
Venue: Grótta Reykjavík
Cost: 195 £, by 22 sept. 235 £ thereafter

Dates & Times: 30 Sep 2017 to 01 Oct 2017  11:00 - 19:30

The basic sacred structure of this workshop is “your body” and the body of the group. We will focus on the mobility of your physical structure, supported by rhythmic music. You are encouraged to find your personal movements, exploring possible new ways, for your body to move, the ways of your soul. The degree of your openness for this, is allowing for change in your emotional and energetic body. This means that you decide the depth of your work. Maximum 12 participants.

More about me

14 years ago, I was a mother of 2 young daughters. They opened me to explore the landscapes of my psyche. I passionately and curiously, embarked on the journey into the depths of my anxious shadow lands of my ancestral heritage. Through Movement Medicine I let the waters of my tears, the fire of my body and my voice, clear the drained vessels of my being, into the fluid life force I experience today. From this place, I offer a safely held sacred space for others to do the same. I have been Teaching Movement Medicine since 2011 and as an artist I allows, support and inspire your dance, to dive into your creative well, as deep as you are ready for.