Presence of Heart

David Mooney

Location: Milan
Venue: TBC

Dates & Times: 29 Mar 2019 to 31 Mar 2019  19:00 - 17:00

Presence of Heart is a dance journey to support your capacity to be connected and centred in presence of heart in an ever changing world. This is a weekend to learn tools and practices to meet and engage with life and give what you have to give without losing yourself. Take time to honour the journey of your heart. Allow this dreaming heart to open new pathways of possibility in your life. This is an opportunity to resource and strengthen your own circle and to retune to the resonance and wisdom within your heart. 

Do you sometimes get stuck in familiar emotions or unable to express certain emotions? Is it a challenge for you to express how you really feel sometimes? Would you like to be more alive and connected to what your heart really loves? Or do you simply want to dance your heart out?

The subtle, strong and clear practices of Movement Medicine can strengthen our capacity to dance with life, however stormy the weather.

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