SPIRIT BODY - Dancing in the Mountains

Christian de Sousa

Location: Kiental, Bern Kanton
Venue: Kientalerhof, Kiental

Dates & Times: 10 Jul 2019 to 14 Jul 2019  17:00 - 13:00

What is ‘Spirit’?
What is ‘Body’?
Breathe for a moment. What is moving,
and what is still?
How does it feel to be alive?


A mountain is a bridge between the earth and the sky; similarly, dancing is a bridge between the body and the spirit. Dancing, we reconnect the wisdom of our bones, muscles and cells with the experience of the ‘invisible light’ that lives within and all around us. Dancing, we remember who we are and how we are connected to the sacred, luminous web of all being.


This retreat is an invitation to come and dance in the mountains, and to learn how the practices of Movement Medicine can support us to live embodied and spiritually- awakened lives. We will have extended time on the dancefloor and we will spend time working outdoors in Alpine nature, moving with the mountains, the earth and sky, the sun, water, rocks, plants and animals. unknown.png

All welcome. Some prior experience of Movement Medicine or other embodied practice will be helpful.



For bookings and more info please contact Kristin: kristin.glenewinkel@gmx.ch