Ongoing Group Module Four

Catherine Wright

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Venue: Edinburgh Academy, 42 Henderson Row, Edinburgh EH3 5BL
Cost: £400 (for whole journey)

Dates & Times: 27 Oct 2018 to 28 Oct 2018  10:30 - 04:30

The End and the Beginning of the Celtic Year

This is time to put the garden to bed.  To review and receive who and how we have been and to dream and dream and dream of the new seeds and what the garden will look like next year.

Over the months, we will have danced with many wonderful practices

In this final module, we will dance deeply with the practices of Movement Medicine and learn how they can be used in the Big Workshop of Life.

This is the time to take the dance back home, right into the centre of our lives.  In this two day workshop, we will build a metaphorical coracle to carry us in peace, kindness and joy as we ride the waves of the ocean of samsara.