Ongoing Group Module Two

Catherine Wright

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Venue: Edinburgh Academy, 42 Henderson Row, Edinburgh EH3 5BL
Cost: £400 (for whole journey)

Dates & Times: 28 Apr 2018 to 29 Apr 2018  10:30 - 04:30


Fire in the Belly

Beltane heralds the beginning of the most potent part of the yearly cycle of life. This is the peak of the season of growth.  It is a time to catch the wave of energy.
Suddenly the garden is full of growth!


And sometimes a bit overwhelming.  The garden can also suddenly be full of weeds.  Whoosh!  We might easily be overcome if we didn’t find our deep thrust and focus and purpose.

Oh! And it is fiery!

This is the perfect time to explore how we handle any conflicts we can lose our energy in….. the troublesome boss, the recalcitrant habits, the heartbreaking attitudes that we have to our own beautiful selves.  This is the moment to explore how to hold and dance with all of that, so that our lives can be easier, richer, and more fun.

The two day workshop will offer a chance to tap into the wisdom and wildness of our own dancing warrior, and to open our bodies, our hearts and our minds to the guides from beyond.  We will dance with our creativity, and drop into ceremony together.