The Wisdom of The Dancing Warrior

Ben Yeger

Location: Israel
Venue: to be decided

Dates & Times: 26 Oct 2019 to 06 Oct 2018  10:00 - 18:00

The Dancing Warrior is an archetypal force that resides within us all.

The Dancing Warrior is an archetypal force that resides within us all.  It is the energy that provides us with the strength to face the challenges of life and navigate our experiences with wisdom and flexibility.  The Dancing Warrior awakens from a place of unconsciousness and travels all the way through to making a commitment to fully embodied knowledge.

This 5 day embodied journey is an invitaition for brothers to get real, to free ourselves from posturing, performing and overdoing.  Creating space to be fully present in the complex dance of life.  An opportunity to be authentic, dare to be vulnerable and dive deeper into our capacity to connect

The Dancing Warrior loves life with a passion, our brothers and the world we live in.  As men we can draw on this energy source to focus our resolve and through practice come to understand that life is a prayer, a work of art, a blessing and naturally, a dance.

The Wisdom of the Dancing Warrior (Men's Edition) is a unique opportunity to

  • Be part of a strong circle of brothers who have the courage to dance
  • Bring the wisdom, strength and creativity of the dancer inside you to an enquiry into who you are as a man living in the 21st Century.
  • Find gratitude for life and for the gifts it offers, remembering the dance of giving and receiving as a practice for life.
  • Ritualise the journey from unconsciousness through the victim/persecuter/rescuer dance, to the archetypal dance of the Wise Elder, Artist and the Dancing Warrior
  • Spend time in nature - resourcing and reconnecting to this essential life force.
  • Invoke the courage of your heart, offering love and patience for old destructive patterns and reclaining your dignity and authority as a man.

We will be guided by a variety of Movement Medicine maps and Johanna Macys Work that Reconnects.  Exploring the archetypes of the child, teenager, warrior, lover, Father and Elder.  We will also have time for personal reflection and to gather in smaller support groups.

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