medicine in motion - one-day workshops

Rosie Perks

Location: Totnes, Devon, UK
Venue: Studio 30 (The Hexagon), Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6EQ
Cost: £50 - £55 per day or £130 for all 3 days

Dates & Times: 02 Dec 2017 to 02 Dec 2017  10:00 - 18:00

A series of one-day workshops with an invitation to bring the breadth and depth of you being into movement

3 Day Series in Devon, UK:

Saturday 15 July 2017
Saturday 30 September 2017
Saturday 2 December 2017

Each day runs from 10am - 6pm

Sign up to the series or join each one as you feel to.

Using the maps of Movement Medicine you will be supported to arrive more fully in the alignment of your body, heart and mind. Awakening and surrendering, receiving yourself as you are and moving into what is emerging. Welcoming the dancing warrior who knows how to move with integrity and courage in whatever life presents; the wise elder who accepts and trusts you in everything you do; and the fool who takes nothing too seriously and reminds you of the creativity available each moment.

Remembering as you do so your relationship to self, those around you and the wider web of life.

Each day will be complete in itself and the 3 day series will give those who wish it a more in depth experience. For those joining the series one to one sessions are available by arrangement to support you between sessions

Cost: £130 for series of 3 if booked with payment by 1.7.17 or
£50 per day if booked with payment 14 days before each workshop £55 per day thereafter

For information and to book contact Emily: | 07876 494070