Spring Term 2019 the medicine of movement - for men & women

Rosie Perks

Location: Totnes, Devon
Venue: Studio 30 (The Hexagon), Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6EQ
Cost: £104 if booked with payment by 15 December, £120 thereafter

Dates & Times: Sunday 06 Jan 2019 to 14 Apr 2019  18:30 - 21:15

A closed ongoing group for anyone who wishes to explore their love of dancing in more depth with the support of a dedicated circle of dancers.

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Spring Term 2019: 
6 & 20 Jan, 3 & 17 Feb, 3, 17 & 31 Mar, 14 Apr
Cost: £104 if booked with payment by 15 December, £120 thereafter.


The first sessions of each term, 6 Jan for spring term, are open for newcomers to try, after this the group is closed for the term. Cost is £15, if you join the group this would be deducted from the full cost.

Numbers are limited for this closed group, the last group few groups have been full so it is worth booking in advance if you know you wish to join us.

See website for dates later in the year>

This group is for anyone who wishes to explore their love of dancing in more depth with the support of a dedicated group. The intention of this group is to provide a safe container for explorations into the medicine of movement, giving us a chance to really discover more of our individual dances in conversation with the dance we share between us. In a closed group we are able to build the trust that enables more freedom of expression and adventuring together. Over the term can will take a journey with each other and really call on the support of the practices of Movement Medicine that invite us into more of who we truly are. Some of the places we might visit on this journey are:

• The simple practice of listening to and truly inhabiting our physical bodies (we will return to this place each week, it is the bedrock of all we do).
• The movement of and between our micro awareness, internal landscape, and macro awareness, all that is outside of us.
• The elements, earth, air, fire and water that we can call on as a resource and a place to remember that which we are made of.
• Finding the place where we can move freely between being in our own dance and being in sync and connection with others.

This is an ongoing journey together, the group continues with a good core of people all the way through and then some shifts and changes each term, keeping it alive. The group is very community minded and warm and welcoming to newcomers, a real place of resource.

Contact me for information and to book - 07813 018567 | rosie@dance-scapes.com