Adventures in Dance - Dance Sanctuary

Louise Cullum

Location: Rayleigh Essex
Venue: Caley Hall, Crown hill, Rayleigh, essex, SS6 7HA
Cost: £8

Dates & Times: 25 Jun 2019 to 25 Jun 2019  11:00 - 12:30

This  class Welcomes  those with physical restrictions, pain, disability and the fabulous over 50's!

Incorporating NEURO SCIENCE pain protocols and helps you to Create more resources to help you manage your conditions

This could be someone recovering from an injury or someone that is older and has mobility issues.  We have chairs that can be used to support your movement if standing is difficult.

The venue has full disability access.  First class £5.00

If you love to dance but have some form of physical restiction or pain which is making it hard to move, then this is a great opportunity to come and learn how to move mindfully. We also incorporate Neuro science techniques that reduce pain and aid mobility.

What does moving mindfully mean?

It essentially means listening to your body and moving how th ebody wants to move rather than how you think you want to or should move.  This listening to your body allows better care of movement and care of the body.  There is no choreography to learn so you have the freedom to dance exactly how you want to. There will be a mix of all different types of music, some you will know and some you wont! 

No previous dance experience required, you dance how it feels right for you.

All shapes, sizes and genders welcome

Wear loose clothing and bring water, we dance with bare feet on a lovely wooden floor in a warm heated environment.