The Keys To Liberation

Livia Frischer

Location: Gällnäs Dalsland
Venue: Gällnäs

Dates & Times: 08 Apr 2019 to 14 Apr 2019  14:00 - 14:00

This 7 days retreat will enable an expansion of psychological and soulful consciousness in an embodied and grounded way, so you can experience a liberating and empowering life-changing transformation.


You will strengthen your inner resources and get practical keys, practices, and tools to help you turn your transformational experience into the long-lasting and sustainable changes you have been longing for. This deep inner journey is based on the integrated knowledge and experience form three powerful sources: Psychosynthesis- spiritual psychology that connects the personality and the soul. Movement Medicine – a body based meditative movement practice where the movement is the medicine. Archetypal psychology – Connecting to the wisdom of symbolism in ancient scared mythology.