Return to wisdom and clarity from within


Location: 33000 BORDEAUX
Venue: to be decided
Cost: 180€

Dates & Times: 07 Dec 2018 to 09 Dec 2018  18:00 - 17:00

There will be an evening class with a conference in the beginning : "Dance as medicine, the body as a guide" on the friday evening, Dec the 7th. Then the we wokshop: December 8 & 9.

The archetype concerned is the Hermit, who is the guardian of what is essential to us.It is connected in our body to the coccyx. A Dance to get out of the hustle and bustle back into this inner space of deep calm, close to the Earth, light up again with the light of the root of our soul. Tasting what is essential and simple for us.

Contact : auprès de Isabelle de Lehelle tel: 06 70 67 08 25 –