Awakening the Dancer

Ida Marie Simers

Location: Energihuset/ Yogahuset-Nesodden
Venue: Energihuset/ Yogahuset, Håkonskastet 5
Cost: 250kr. norske kroner

Dates & Times: Saturday 15 Sep 2018 to 08 Dec 2018  11:15 - 13:15

Awakening the dancer. Everyone of us have a dancer inside. This ATD class is an opportunity for you who never dance or think you cant  dance, but wish to dance to explore the dancer inside you bodypart by bodypart gently guided by me. And of course for anyone who love to move, dance and shake. I love to share the joy of dancing from inside out, nothing right or wrong, just mine, yours and our dance, creating together supported by good music.

One saturday every month in Yogarommet - Energihuset at Nesodden/ Norway.

Nesodden is a short boattrip from Oslo, then with bus 10 min. Three minutes walk from the bus.

The dates this autumn/ winter: Saturdays 15.09., 13.10., 10.11. and 08.12.