Dance of our relations - Danser la relation

Fabienne Hester

Location: Besançon France
Venue: Salle Fontaine Argent, 35 avenue Fontaine Argent, F-25000 Besançon
Cost: €36 to 45/session or€32 the cycle

Dates & Times: 09 Feb 2019 to 09 Feb 2019  14:00 - 18:00

A 2 half days journey danced through varying musical landscapes; an invitation to deepen your roots, listen to and reconnect with your body, to the rhythm of your heart and to your spirit.

Dancing through the successive energy waves, with the support of the elementary forces of nature (earth, fire, air and water) re-establishes a contact with the inner resources of the body, one's self, the dancing group and the dynamics of life. Welcome!

Cycle of two Movement Medicine workshops:
Dance of our relations (feb 2019) and Dance of the ancestral elements (March 2019)



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