Movement Medicine Dance Meditation

Mira Khanya

Location: London
Venue: The Arc Centre, 98B St Paul Street, Islington, London, N1 7DF
Cost: First 10 first timers FREE - booking required / Investment: £13 per class/ 10 classes for £100/ 5 classes for £55 - valid for a year

Dates & Times: Wednesday 10 Jan 2018 to 26 Dec 2018  19:30 - 21:45

A warm invitation to join us in this weekly Wednesday dance meditation as we connect to the wisdom of our moving bodies.

Everyone is welcome. We create a safe and supportive space to dance freely, encouraging your true and unique expression. An invitation to journey within an immersive environment held with captivating music and clear guidance. 

Through the embodied presence of our dance we experience our creative potency and deepen our connection to life.
Movement Medicine practices direct our awareness to our thoughts, feelings and movement - connecting body, mind and heart. We release that which is counterproductive and expand into a greater sense of inner balance as we call in that which nourish, replenish and strengthens us. We honour our unique and creative expression as we welcome who we are and all that we may become.

More details - check out my FB page: "Movement Medicine with Mira"
FREE entry for first-timers 
Investment: £13 per class 

10 classes for £100/ 5 classes for £55 - valid for a year

Due to limited space BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED at

***Some events may have different pricing - details and booking at
***NO class on Wednesday 5 September



Doors open 7:15pm and close at 7:40
Opening circle at 7:40/45pm 
Look forward to meet you in the dance!