Moving into Connection

Mira Khanya

Location: London
Venue: Siobhan Davies Dance, 85 St Georges Road, London, SE1 6ER
Cost: £40 or Early Bird Special £30 if you pay by Friday 29 September.

Dates & Times: 15 Oct 2017 to 15 Oct 2017  14:00 - 18:00

A warm invitation to join us as we immerse ourselves in this dance meditation.


Moving into Connection is an active and embodied, meditative enquiry into five dimensions of awareness. This is a map which represents an expanding view of consciousness and an invitation to journey into deeper connection. 

Following this map, we will explore our inner landscapes as we deepen our awareness of ourselves. We will practice engaging in creative and dynamic relationships while being rooted in our own integrity. We’ll strengthen our awareness to the interconnected web of life on earth. Exploring our relationship to past and future generations and calling on energies seen and unseen, known and unknown to support our journey. Deepening our experience of our essential true nature as we come into connection with the universal life force energy.

We each have areas in which we are naturally stronger and areas which needs attention. As we strengthen our connection across all these dimensions we create a strong foundation for being a fully resourced and potent human being.


Movement Medicine is a practice which directs our awareness to our movement, thoughts and feelings - supporting us to get more in touch with who we really are and opening the way to deep internal reflection. Through the dance we are invited on a journey of personal empowerment, relationship with community and connection with the creative, universal life force. Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, founded the School of Movement Medicine, integrating their experience with a lineage of practices such as 5Rhythms, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Family Constellations and shamanism.


Everyone is welcome – whatever your background, culture, age, gender or experience, or whether you think you can dance or not. Movement Medicine offers a safe and supportive space to dance freely, encouraging your true and unique expression. No steps to learn, no right or wrong. An invitation to journey within an immersive environment held with captivating music and clear guidance. A space to creatively engage with whatever is present in your life. Dancing with ourselves and at times with each other, within the safe container we create together.


Space is limited and booking is essential.
£40 or Early Bird Special £30 if you pay by Friday 29 September.
Please email for booking details.

Please be punctual. Doors will open at 1:45pm and will close at 2:10pm.

Bring a reusable water bottle and notebook & pen.
Bring drawing materials and a cushion if you want to.

Wear loose comfortable clothes for moving. 
We generally dance barefoot or if you need to, bring special dance shoes. 

If you arrive early there is a space downstairs to enjoy a tea - suggested donation 50p.


“Thankful for Mira’s sacred space holding. Feeling transformed after dancing in her Movement Medicine class last night. Grateful for your precision and grace as a teacher. You freed up a space for deep internal reflection, connection to ourselves, each other, our collective history, opening to life in the present and the possibilities awaiting us. It was a truly moving and profound experience. This is beautiful medicine and the music is delicious!”
Rachel, Massage therapist and Dance teacher

"Mira has an intuitive understanding of movement and transformational process. She creates a safe, sacred space in which to connect deeply with your own body's wisdom. I have often surprised myself with the energy and insights I've accessed under her attuned guidance. Resistance and inhibitions melt away and I am transported by the evocative music to a place within where I can dance with all my being." 
- Kate, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist

Very much looking forward to dancing with you!