Return of the Light with Susannh Darling Khan

VĂ©ronique Champalou

Location: Lausanne
Venue: Centre Paroissial Saint Jacques, av du Leman 26, 1005 Lausanne
Cost: CH 285.- / CHF 335.-

Dates & Times: 03 Feb 2018 to 04 Feb 2018  11:00 - 17:00


Bring the life of the dance

Into the dance of Your Life

- Learn to trust and follow the inspiration of the dancer within

- Give the body, heart and mind a 'spring clean' releasing what no longer serves you to welcome the return of the spring and the light into your dance

- Refresh and sharpen your sense of direction and your commitment to being who you are and giving all you've got

- Embody and dance your prayers for yourself, others and the world

This workshop is open to beginners and to experienced practitioners of all ages and abilities. The only prerequisite you need is the willingness to move and the courage to dare to dream.

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