Movement Medicine (evening workshop)

VĂ©ronique Champalou

Location: Lausanne
Venue: Paroisse Bellevaux-Saint Luc, Route Aloys Fauquez 21, 1000 Lausanne 8
Cost: CHF 40.- / CHF 45.-

Dates & Times: Sunday 17 Sep 2017 to 16 Dec 2018  18:00 - 21:00

A regular Movement Medicine workshop in Lausanne to practise a free dance meditation in connection with the elements, with self, others, communities, environment, yin & yang, past, present, future, the tree of life and much more.

Each time, we dance with a different theme.

From your dance emerges your own medicine.

Let's dance!

Booking by advance by sending an email at or a sms: +33 7 81 46 57 49