Nourish: Movement Medicine retreat for women

Petra Bongartz

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape
Venue: Body Intelligence Studio, Noordhoek, Cape Town
Cost: R550-R750

Dates & Times: 12 Oct 2019 to 12 Oct 2019  09:30 - 17:00

Take time out from the busyness and treat yourself to some me-time in movement and the nourishing company of other women. A day to pause, reflect and resource yourself. Come as you are, with all that is present for you in your life:  your joys and your struggles, your grief and your celebrations, your questions and your ideas, your gentleness and your wild self. There is space and a dance for it all on the Nourish dancefloor.

We work with Movement Medicine and other creative, reflective and playful practices, to arrive (back) home in our being, to resource ourselves. And our togetherness as women provides plenty of  nourishment, inspiration and support. Giving each other the gift of our presence, listening and sharing, we strengthen our inner resources and the rich web of connections between us.

After working our way through the 5 elements, this Spring we start a new cycle of three Nourish retreats: Body, Heart and Mind.

Body: For us as women, our bodies are complex territories, colonised by many cultural, familial and individual stories that sap our vitality and disconnect us from the wisdom available within.  This is for you if you wish to

  • cultivate a more awake, kind and loving relationship with your body
  • discover the habits of thinking and being encoded in your body and thereby open the door to change
  • inhabit yourself more fully so that you can bring who you are into the world & relationship
  • reclaim the vitality and wisdom that is our birthright
  • rediscover the knowledge, power and creativity that lies within

When: Saturday 12th October 9.30-17.00

Where: Body Intelligence Studio, Noordhoek, Cape Town

Cost: Three tickets available at R550 (for first three people to book), three tickets available at R650, all other tickets R750. A limited number of concessions is available, please ask!

Bookings: or contact