Coming home: reconnecting to the wisdom of the moving body

Petra Bongartz

Location: Johannesburg
Venue: tbd
Cost: R850 early bird/R1000

Dates & Times: 29 Sep 2019 to 29 Sep 2019  10:00 - 17:30

One thing is necessary  here in this hard world

of homeless and outcast people.

Taking residence in yourself..

Walk into the darkness

And clean the soot from the lamp

so that people on the road

can glimpse a light

in your inhabited eyes. “


(Hans Børli)



Our bodies are with us our whole lives. Yet, more often than not, we are inhabiting them without much attention or appreciation. Our dominant culture prioritises ‘rational thinking’ over feeling and sensory experience. Our connection to the body is disturbed and distorted by an entire industry focused on making us feel that we are not enough. Many of us move through our lives disconnected and numb, unaware of the vitality and wisdom available to us, instead spending much of our life energy waging war on our bodies.

Movement Medicine creates a space to reconnect with our bodies as they are- no matter what age, shape, size, state of health - and to develop a deeper, more loving and attentive relationship with the miracles they are. In this workshop we will enquire how we can reclaim our connection to the landscape of our body, inhabit it more fully and find the support, insight and creativity we seek. We will use our movement to help us release ourselves from the shackles of “should” and “shouldn’t” so that we have access to more vitality, confidence and freedom in our lives and our relationships. By giving our attention to the moving body, we also bring our habitual patterns into consciousness and thereby open the door to change. As we begin to be more ‘a home’ in our bodies, we start to bring healing to our disconnection and wounding, discover new sources of support and increase our capacity to meet life’s challenges from a place of resource. 

This is for you if you wish to

· re-awaken your connection to the intelligence of life inside you

· expand your freedom of expression

· discover the guidance, wisdom, inspiration and creativity available within you

· learn more about who you are and increase your confidence in communicating this to the world

· deepen your authentic connection to others and to community



When:Sunday 29th September 2019

Where: venue tbd, Johannesburg

Cost: Early bird discount R 850 if booked and paid in full by 13th September, after that R1,000. A limited number of concessions is available on request.

For more info and to book, contact: Ryan Klette, 0825520619, or