Dance into the Feminine & Masculine

Matthias Axelsen

Location: Copenhagen
Venue: Gotvedinstituttet, Gotvedinstituttet, Vodroffsvej 51, 1900 Frederiksberg C
Cost: Early Bird Dkk 1.450,- before 23.7, thereafter Dkk 1.850,-

Dates & Times: 24 Aug 2018 to 26 Aug 2018  17:30 - 17:30

"Dance into the Femine & Masculine"
is a Movement Medicine journey into our Feminine and Masculine aspects. We are dancing into the polarities that we do not want to be and the aspects that we love and want to integrate.

In the workshop we work with a Mandala with 5 aspects:
    ➢ Negative Feminine
    ➢ Positive Feminine
    ➢ Now & our Essence
    ➢ Negative Masculine
    ➢ Positive Masculine
We investigate, among other things, in:
    ➢ Our contact with the Feminine & Masculine?
    ➢ What prevents me from contacting them?
    ➢ What resources can I get from them?
With curiosity and openness you will dance with the polarities, energies and dualities  that are in your Masculine and Feminine sides, allowing your self to undfold more of your life.
"Dance with your polarities and set yourself free"
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