Friday Night Fever

Cyrill Chantereau

Location: PARIS
Venue: Gymnase de l’Église Américaine 64 quai d’Orsay 75007 - PARIS
Cost: 20 €-15 €

Dates & Times: Friday 01 Sep 2017 to 13 Jul 2018  20:00 - 22:00

 FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER  is a weekly drop-in Movement Medicine Class which purpose is to Free your Life into Dance

'Exploring 2 hours of lively movement meditation every Monday night. Move to free, release and activate your life into dance. Come as you are, welcoming your emotions and your condition into motion. Let your body fully express itself without any restriction. Dance and be danced by and with the support of music and dancers. No need to be a dancer… Be welcome… no prior registration needed. Just come with the desire to move and play with different rhythms … Just dance with your life … 'Cyrill