Dancing Autumn Equinox

Cyrill Chantereau

Location: Paris
Venue: ONE STEP 20 Rue du Faubourg du Temple 75011 Paris France
Cost: single price €45

Dates & Times: 23 Sep 2017 to 23 Sep 2017  15:00 - 19:00

Dancing Autumn Equinox

This symbolic date represents the beginning of the autumn season ... According to Celtic tradition, at this time, earth and vegetation come into sleep;  seeds are no longer active. The human being goes to the essential and to avoid unnecessary losses and  must pass to have to be ... dare  to let go everything that is not essential to the maintenance of his life. Each prepares its soil to house received seeds and a piece of furniture and soft earth who can give warmth and humidity necessary for their future outbreak. This period of reflection and internalization is the time to make a full review of previous months  .. Libra, the first sign of the zodiac in Autumn marks the middle point around which everything oscillates. Autumn also evokes the late harvest grapes gorged light of the summer sun, as well as glowing and blazing colors of nature, which announce this fire red, and prepare for the ultimate slow internalization transformation that will take place in the basement of the Winter ... The wind and rain dancing together for washing, rinsing ..."It is with inspiration from these traditions, I  offer you to come celebrate with dance and movement the passage of the door of Autumn. Dance your crops, your release, your preparation for introspection, Dance your balance sheet, letti,g go your old branches and  ans dead leaves to accommodate the new cycle.